What delights in visible beauty....is the invisible.
Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach


Art isn't so much what it is, as what it suggests or implies.  To live with art is not merely to own an object or experience a 'thing,' but at a deeper level to engage the mysteries of what it seems to signify. Since layers of meaning perceived in any work vary from audience to audience, and from occasion to occasion, it might be fairly said that a work of art is a living thing - in that its import is ever changing.

Art is always, however, an open invitation to a deepened awareness of who we are, who we have been, what we aspire to, what we love, what we fear, and what we share - from the superficial to the most profound.

This site doesn't represent a gallery, it is one. Torus offers engaging, frequently challenging, meaningful works in a non-distracting, contemplative visual environment. Though the selection displayed here is by artists who live and/or work in Hawaii, it is not tourist art. These pieces demand more than just a superficial glance. We seek to present work the serious art enthusiast can find rewarding.

Information on our rather unusual business model is available on the Torus Gallery business model page.

Of course, we welcome inquiries and feedback.  Simply email us by clicking here >>> confer@torusgallery.  IMPORTANT NOTE: "The 'subject line' of your email message should automatically read, "Torus Gallery Message."    If that wording doesn't appear, please type it as the subject manually.  You will receive an automated response first, and a more detailed one ASAP.

And why call this gallery"Torus?"  That inquiry involves a brief excursion into quantum physics and the metaphysics of life.  To go on this journey you may want to consider A Concise Cosmology of Art.

Otherwise, select an artist's name from the list above, and dive into the work, straightaway.
We never close .... so stay as long as you'd like.


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