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Light, Speed, Matter: A Still Place Waiting (2012 and earlier)     |     What the Ocean Sees  (2015)


Light, Speed, Matter
A Still Place Waiting

Since I began photographing speeding objects and landscapes,

I’ve slowed to explore the single moment. Time is different here.

There is mystery in the present. We never see it.

We go by it too fast.

To hang in the mystery can be terrifying,

Like standing at the edge of a black hole.

Each instant is new,

As time turns to look at us.


Rain as Well, Pa'auilo Mauka



Chicago Sky and Train from Freeway



Vermont Spring



Scott River Pale Storm



Mi'o 1, Swiftly as a Stream of Water, Kohala



Passing Trees and Fence, Waimea



Mana Road, Hawaii Island



Connecticut Wet Spring



From the Road Above the Sea, Pa'auilo Winter Morning



Hamakua Coast Cane



Hakalau Palms



Wet grass Aberration



Nite palm and Rain



Night Football and Palms



Lagoon Jellyfish



Two Horizons Over Boston



Blue Wave Deep Water



Waimea House Rain



Untitled CA



Wet Streets Seattle



London Kisses



Upper Eastside Cityscape



Night Bus London



Listening In SF



Holding Silence




Also Available: Softcover matte 8x8 inch monograph printed by A&I Hollywood



The drama that gives me human status is my density, where I am most thick.

We are full of story, of beauty, of fear, of pleasure. We are the details. This density is our destiny.

We identify ourselves by culture, by family, by work, by lover, by death. Our storyline is the myth we carry.

We are Matter, only 4% of the universe. Is there more? What is 96%? Am I mostly light and speed?

Can I be more light?

If I stand in a still place, can I let the story go by?

Can I stand at the edge of a black hole? Can I shift what I call time ?


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What the Ocean Sees

He checks for the car to see if I'm home. He turns, and can't remember that I'm here.

Now I'm running a race with no finish line. Falling into a black hole with him is in fact, A New World.

Where is grace in a world without context?

Once a week I drive for an hour to the ocean. Now, I watch. I don't race.

I climb into the water.

Surging waves challenge. Safety. Balance. Breath.

Now below.

Bubbles are what's left of breathing.

Stillness. Something deeper. More silence.

An unexpected intimacy. What the Ocean Sees.

































































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Valerie Yong Ock Kim grew up in rural Kahalu`u on the Hawaiian island of O`ahu.  She has photographed here in Hawai'i and far beyond since the age of 11, when she appropriated her dad’s 1950s Kodak “Brownie” camera.  She has been exploring the visual image ever since.

Pursuing work with a wide spectrum of the arts over the years, she has produced slide shows and small films, but has always come back to the still image.  She has exhibited solo, and been included in juried exhibits, in Hawai’i, Los Angeles, New York State, Oregon and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  In 2012, her series, “Light Speed Matter, A Still Place Waiting” was the solo exhibition at Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center on Makawao, Maui.  The showing included a seven minute video piece and innovative kiln-fired photographic cast glass pieces.

Ms Kim has worked as a Location Manager on feature films “The Hulk” with Oscar-winning Director Ang Lee, “The Tempest” directed by Julie Taymor and Director Gore Verbinski’s “Pirates of the Carribean” series.  By handling the demands of such large scale cinematic projects, Kim has supported her independent artistic vision.

She also wrote and directed  “Waging Peace,” a documentary film about Soviet and American children  who, struggling against situation and prejudice, become staunch friends at the end of the Cold War.

She has studied with photographers Joel Meyerowitz and Sean Kernan, and learned printmaking in Los Angeles with Mark Berndt and John Paul Caponigro.  At the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, she took up the medium of glass, learning to transform her two dimensional photographic prints into three dimensional kiln-fired forms.

Valerie holds a BA in psychology and a Masters Degree in public health from the University of Hawai'i.  During her ten year career in Mental Health work, she employed the still image in therapeutic slide shows and in fund raising and publicity efforts for non-profit enterprises.

Ms Kim is a member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers ).  She is represented by Photo Resource Hawai'i, The Fine Art Associates, Inc. in Honolulu, The Gallery of Great Things on Hawai’i Island, and in Connecticut by Appleton Art Design.  In New York City, she is with Art For Film.  Online, she shows at Torus Gallery.



Artist's resume:


2015    "The Splendor of Light" 4 Photographers, Pauahi Tower Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

              "On One Foot, Queen's Bath" (archival print)
            "New Directions '15," Barrett Art Center; juror. Janet Bishop, Weisel Family Curator of Painting and Sculpture,
             the San  Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Poughkeepsie, New York

           "Wailea Dark 2013" (archival print)
            “Minan Gallery 2015 Call for Artists" Minan Gallery, Los Angeles, at the grand opening
             of the new exhibition  space; The Brayer, Ventura, California. Nancy Pham. director

2014    "Toward One Tree. Queen's Bath", (archival print)
            "Go Figure" Black Earth Gallery; juror, Sean Ulmer, director, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Iowa

          "Hapuna 3 Waves", (archival print)
            2014 Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition, juror Willie Cole, visual artist

2013   "Wailea Swimmers," "Kailua Shore, Oahu," "Chasing Photons", (archival prints)
           Hawai'i Photo Expo, Hilo, Hawaii. juror Anne Lyden, associate curator of photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum

          "Insideoutside," "Between," "Underwater Forest, Pa'auilo", (archival prints)
            Juried Spring Arts Festival, East Hawaii Cultural Center.
            juror Allison Wong, deputy director, Honolulu Museum of Art

          "Ashley, Kaunaoa Bay" (archival print)
           LACDA 2013 Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, California

2012    "Light Speed Matter, A Still Place Waiting" (prints, cast glass and video)
            Solo Artist Exhibition 2012, Hui No`eau Visual Art Center, Maui, Hawai'i

           "Waimea House, Rain & Speed ", "Wet Streets Seattle" (archival prints)
            "Beyond the Image, A Celebration of Hawai'i's Fine Art Photographers,"
             Donkey Mill Art Center, Ahualoa, Hawaii

           "One Kiawe" (archival print)
            Juried Volcano Arts Exhibition, East Hawai'i Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawai'i

           "Pohakea Mauka Road" (photographic cast glass), "Mio 1, Swiftly" (archival print)
            Juried Spring Arts Festival, East Hawai'i Cultural Center, Hilo;
            juror Jim Jensen, curator Honolulu Museum of Art

2011:    "Sherwood Forest" (cast glass), "Blue Wave, Deep Water," "Mana Road"
             Fall Arts Festival Juried Exhibition; juror, Darrell Orwig. East Hawai'i Cultural Council, Hawai'i island
             First place award to "Mana Road."

2011:   “Light Speed, A Still Place Waiting” solo exhibition; idspace, Kurtistown, Hawai’i island.

2010:   "The Chant," "Alealani"
            Faces of Hawai'i juried exhibition; juror, Kapulani Landgraf;
            HI Art Magazine, idspace, Kurtistown, Hawai'i island.

2010:   "Light Speed Matter. A Still Place Waiting," solo exhibition;
            W. M. Keck Observatory presents "Catching Photons," Waimea, Hawai'i island.

2007:   “Winter Group Show” Bohemia Gallery, Ashland Oregon.

2005:   “Recent Work”  two-person exhibition with Mark Berndt;
            The Reel Thing of California, Santa Monica, California.

2004:   “Tails” solo exhibition; Parker Ranch, Waimea, Hawai’i island.

2003:   “Elements of Dreams” solo exhibition; Kahilu Theater, Waimea, Hawai’i island.

2001:   “Seen Life” solo exhibition; Atch-Kotch, Hollywood, California.

idspace - 2011



2008:     workshop with Sean Kernan, Connecticut
2007:     Pilchuck Glass School, pate de verre w Deborah Horrell
2006:     John Paul Caponigro printing workshops, Los Angeles
2001-2:   printing with Mark Berndt, Los Angeles
2000:     Tuscany workshops with Joel Meyerowitz
1982:      MPH, University of Hawai’I School of Public Health
1975:      BA, psychology, University of Hawai’i


Other work by this artist:

Valerie Yong Ock Kim:

The Fne Art Associates, Inc.:

Photo Rescource Hawaii:
http://photoresourcehawaii.photoshelter.com/gallery/Val Kim/G0000dcQXJKgNh7g/C0000DSz3x.D41SE

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