Hau Flower Longboard

High performance custon fine art longboard, signed by the artist.

These boards are fabricated by expert shaper Dan "Ernie."  Dan is the official "Ambassador of Aloha" for the Duke Kahanamoku family, and creator of custom surfboards for 'Duke' Kahanamoku Sons <http://www.hawaiianswimboat.com/index.htm>.  Dan's boards bear the official Kahanamoku signature seal.

Legend: In the Hawaiian culture the Hibiscus-like flower from the Hau tree symbolized the soul, in that it blooms bright yellow in the morning, like the rising sun and the new soul of a newborn child.   As the day progresses it turns to a golden yellow and by the evening is a burnt orange with a deep red center, like the setting sun, and the souls of the old ones.

See the original painting

9'0" L x 22" W x 2 5/8" H

Price available on request.

All rights reserved - Marijcke Christianson


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