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In The Light



Red Hair



Seven Figures



Figures in Motion



Solo Figure on Mat



Pink Sarong





Rest On Green



The Yellow Pillow



Perfect Posture



March Model



Golden Hand



Spine Study



Folded Hand



Hands Holding Feet



Kit Kowalke lives in Kailua, on the island of Oahu.  She has recently retired from a professorship in Visual Design at Honolulu Community College (and she loves to draw).

Artist's statement:

Drawing is spontaneous, meditative, engrossing, engaging, and intense.
Drawing requires ideas, observation, measurement, intuition and interpretation.
Drawing plays with line, color, value, form, texture, shape, space, and relationships.
Drawing gives me freedom to create and pleasure in seeing…. It is a joy!

Artist's resume:

University of Hawaii, M.F.A. in Visual Design, 1975
Attended Northern Illinois Univ. & University of Cincinnati, 1960-61
School of Art Institute of Chicago & University of Chicago, B.F.A. 1958

Teaching Experience
Honolulu Community College, Professor, Visual Design, 1973 to 1997
Swain School of Design, Chair,  Design Program, 1963 to 1969

Docent, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, 1995 to present

Recent Exhibitions
The Drawing Show, Gallery Iolani at Windward C.C., Sept. 2009
Figure and Portrait Exhibition,  Pauahi Tower Gallery, Aug. 2010


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